Have You Received CAL OSHA Citations?

CAL OSHA Citations
Request (1AY)

Did your company receive one or more CAL OSHA Citations? Did an OSHA Enforcement Agent stop by? Was there an accident? Was there a complaint? Be prepared for OSHA Citations. If OSHA has paid you a visit, chances are, OSHA citations will follow.

After an OSHA visit, the first step will be a request for certain documentation. That’s usually given to you at the time of the visit. The title of this form is a Document Request, known to CAL OSHA as a 1AY. Being given this document to fill out is a pretty good indication that OSHA fines are coming.

CAL OSHA Citations
Notice to Classify
as Serious (1BY)

You may not receive the next step until many months later. Only expect this if there was an accident where someone was injured. This document is normally emailed or mailed to you. It’s called a Notification of Intent to Classify Citation as Serious, or in CAL OSHA terms, a 1BY. It tends to be an unnecessary step in the overall process.

The Notification of Intent to Classify Citation as Serious will summarize the accident. It will then state: You are encouraged to provide, in writing, any statements and supporting evidence showing that the Division should not classify the citation as “serious”.

Flanagan Consulting will assist you with your CAL OSHA Citations. Ms. Flanagan has been handling appeals for a decade, working with CAL OSHA Judges and District Managers to reduce and eliminate OSHA fines. Erin Flanagan, the owner, has been successfully fighting OSHA citations for years. The relationships she has developed allow her to get you the best possible resolution. You don’t need to do this alone. We will take the burden off of you so you can continue to work your business.